Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No, I Don't Think You're Boring.

I've been working on those Noro Jaywalkers for about a week now, but I haven't gotten nearly as far as I would like. I had nearly finished the leg last week at the S 'n B when the bf surprised me by showing up in the midst of knitting goodness. I was extremely happy and shocked because he was a day early and it just happened to be Valentine's Day. (Between you and me, if that boy had a dime for every time I lamented over the fact that, although he asked me out at 2:00 AM V-Day, due to some unusual circumstances we had never spent that fabled day as a couple... well, he wouldn't need that job so far away.)

Needless to say, my Valentine's day was not only special but surprisingly fantastic. However, every time I tried to pick up that sock in his presence over the extra-long weekend he would say, "Am I THAT boring?" or "I thought we were chatting... now you're knitting. Do you want to chat with me or not?"

Despite my best efforts to explain that I can certainly chat and knit at once (hence the S 'n B) or that no, he isn't boring, but I'm really excited about this pair of socks and we're driving all the way across town... I barely worked on those socks. In fact, my only quality sock time was while we were hanging out in the Manliest Man in the World's (MMitW) apartment while MMitW and bf were PS3-ing and MMitW's gf was typing something. That was the night I got most of the heel flap finished.

It was all worth it, however, because the socks are again coming along beautifully and I had a wonderful weekend with my bf. I have no sock pictures to post, but I'm working away and I'm looking forward to a yarn run with #1 and perhaps other lab knitters tomorrow.

The pictures are some cupcakes I made over the summer that I was especially proud of. Real buttercream (with molten sugar and everything!) leftover from a birthday cake for the bf became pretty cupcakes to share at knitting group (woot). Happy knitting!

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Cakespy said...

I know you posted this a while ago--but seriously, you made those cupcakes? They are PERFECT!! :-) Sounds like the weekend was too ;-)