Monday, February 11, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

I, like so many bloggers, have fallen behind. I have lots of pictures and stories to share from the last few months, but I'll start with the most recent news. First, I left the library for a job in a psychology research lab.

True, not nearly as romantic for a knitter.

However, it is less dusty, less dirty, more interesting and I have more money for yarn! I win.

Second, those in my S 'n B know I was knitting a pair of alpaca socks for the last few months that really kicked my butt. I had to rip out parts many times and they required lace charts every step of the way. Luckily, they're absolutely gorgeous and worth every minute of ripping and re-knitting. You can check them out on ravelry (username shortestkitty) or you can wait until I post them in their glory.

After a project that admittedly beat me down for a bit, I decided I needed to do some small projects before I get back on that horse named Socks. No, I didn't pick something reasonable like a nice pair of Fetching or a quick hat; I chose to take a break with coffee cup cozies.

To understand my rationale you must first know that I love coffee. I find it to be comforting and suitable for every hour of the day from breakfast with oatmeal to just before bed with cookies. You must also know that I love to warm my hands on the mug; it makes me feel comforted and taken care of. My bf thinks it's totally weird that I hold the mug in both hands under the table when we go out for breakfast. He hates coffee. I, on the other hand, love coffee hot and cold but I hate, hate, HATE a lukewarm cup. Blech.

Late last week I tried my first cozy using leftovers from my alpaca socks and a simple tube pattern. It worked, but I was hoping for something more exciting and more special. Serendipitously, I found this pattern on ravelry:

Normally, I loathe to knit seed stitch. But really, I hardly notice it here and it's given me a chance to try a new cable pattern (see picture above). What yarn is that? I have no idea. I bought it in NYC at Daytona Trimmings as my first "real" yarn. It was originally my failed marsupial tote (never felted), but I decided to finally rip her out and use the yarn. If I recall, it is hand dyed something or other and, while it seems perfect for felting, I swear I can feel the sheep's oil on the fiber. Weird. Nonetheless, I'm excited about this little cozy, even if my nonknitter coworkers think I'm crazy.

In the midst of knitting this cozy, I took a break for dinner leaving the cable needle tucked carefully behind my ear so I wouldn't lose it. Alas, my ears aren't the perfect needle containment device and the needle fell during dinner unnoticed. Unnoticed by everyone, that is, except our little dog Draco who thought it looked like the perfect toothpick:

Draco: 1. Needle: 0.

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