Thursday, February 21, 2008

Noro Is Like Yarn Crack

Yesterday, #1 and I went to the LYS and I caved.

It started innocently enough. #1 needed some new yarn; S 'n B night was quickly approaching and she had a baby blanket that needed to be knit. I went along thinking, "Maybe I'll buy a nice worsted and finally knit a hat... or that cute throw from brooklyntweed..."

We browsed and looked and discussed for quite some time and I kept heading back to my old mistress: sock yarn. I looked at each hank, imagining each glorious bundle as a pair of socks I've been dying to knit.

"No! Bad Rachel! Knit something else!" I repeated over and over to myself as I gingerly cradled each hank in my hands. But I love knitting these Noro Jaywalkers so much. Each new color seems like a new adventure. So I bought more Noro, even though I have some Lorna's Laces lying around and despite the fact that the LYS has lots of sock yarn I've never tried. That Noro has a hold on me, I tell you.

Crazier still? We have another yarn run planned for next week. AND I got to introduce a fellow knitter to the idea of a yarn store. She said, "What, like JoAnn's?" Oh boy, that was the end of it. I told her about the magic that is the LYS, a concept she had never even HEARD of before! I'm going to open her up to a whole new world. It'll be great.

My Jaywalker in action. Sorta.

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