Monday, August 13, 2007

A Knitter's Worst Nightmare

No, I didn't come down with arthritis or something awful, but what befell my knitting and me this past week was quite dreadful. I'll set the scene....

I was heading to Pittsburgh for a couple of days with the boy and a friend to check out the Warped Tour. The car ride is several hours long, so I brought a couple of knitting projects to work on; I was looking forward to some uninterrupted quality time with my yarn and needles. I didn't have any WIPs so I took my beautiful cashmerino and some lovely bamboo sock yarn figuring I would let myself knit whatever appealed to me whenever I happened to picked up the needles. I was heading toward sweet bliss.

On the way to Pittsburgh, I decided I would start with the cashmerino and knit myself a pair of Knitty's Fetching, which I had been longing for since I laid eyes upon them, although I only learned to cable recently. So I began to knit that fantastic fingerless glove. The yarn flew through my fingers, my mind completely focused on having a finished glove in my hand as quickly as humanly possible. I'm proud to say that after a car ride there and several hours of the boy and the friend playing video games I had a fingerless glove. It was spectacular.

I put the glove on over and over again, admiring my handiwork and imagining myself wearing it (and it's yet-to-be-knit mate) all over town this Fall with my little olive military-inspired jacket or a lovely little sweater.... Oh, the adventures we would go on, these gloves and I!

I was so excited that as soon as I woke up all I wanted to do was knit the next one and finish the pair. I cast on in the car on the way to the Warped Tour. I knit and knit, toying with the idea of taking my knitting with me as entertainment during bad bands and refreshment lines. It wouldn't fit in my tiny Vans skull and crossbones purse, however... perhaps it was not to be. After all, I did not want to lug my larger leather bag all over the grounds, did I?

However, when we arrived rain was immanent and so I decided to bring my umbrella (and therefore the larger bag) and thought, "What the hell? Why not bring my knitting!"

We had a great time. We saw the Toasters, Bad Religion, Coheed and Cambria, Flogging Molly, Big D and the Kids Table.... So much fun was had. All the while, whenever a boring wait would rear its ugly head I would just whip out that glove want knit a row or two. I accomplished quite a bit over the day and was living in a wondrous dream world where my Fall fashion fantasies were nearly within reach.

On our way back to the center of the state, it occurred to me that I hadn't seen my finished fingerless glove in quite some time. Perhaps just before we went through the gates to Warped Tour I last laid eyes upon them. This concerned me a bit, but I distracted myself with knitting the right glove.

When we were safely home, I told the boy about my concerns and I looked through his car for the missing glove. Then I looked through our bag from the trip. Then he looked through our bag from the trip. Then I looked around my room. Then I became very, very sad.

It was nowhere to be found. That wonderful glove was gone.

It still makes me sad (and a bit annoyed with myself) when I think about it. The only conclusion I have come to is I must have dropped it somewhere at the Warped Tour. This means that it ended up sitting in garbage (that place looked like several dumpsters had been emptied on the grounds and then spread about by a pack of wild dogs) unless some unsuspecting concert goer picked it up and saved it from that awful fate. I can only hope.

Little glove, if you're out there, I hope someone is treating you well. And if you, Dear Reader, happened to attend the Pittsburgh Warped Tour and picked up a purple, cabled, fingerless glove (in fabulous cashmerino) with the ends not yet woven in... I'd really love to have her back.