Thursday, March 8, 2007

You never know when...

You just never know when you skills may come in handy. For example, one of my lab mates was telling me about this hole in her mitten. The manufacturer put in a tag like a t-shirt has inside the mitten (uncomfortable!) so she decided to snip it out and accidentally snipped more than necessary. She was describing how she was thinking about sewing it because it keeps spreading, but I took one look at it and said, "Hey! There are live stitches here!" and offered to fix the offending hole.

Now, I've never mended a mitten nor darned a sock in my life, but surely I should be able to fix it in a way that will be more effective than needle and thread, right? I'll be trying tomorrow, we'll see how it goes. I'm kind of looking forward to it... weird, no?

In other news, no time to knit really this week, but today was my last exam for the week and now all of my subjects have been run for the lab (woo-hoo). The boy is swinging by this weekend, and part of me wants to go down and spend all of spring break with him, but... he's in the process of moving (the "real" reason for my visit), he'll be at work all day (high chance of boredom), I could work more effectively at home (I think), and there's not much to do down there except shop for yarn and other crafty supplies.... but seeing the bf would be so nice! I'll probably stick around here, though. It is supposed to be nice (spring, here we come)!

And the picture? It's from the cable car from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. That was a fun day; I'd never heard of it until my friends were apartment-hunting, but if you're in NYC and want something different check out this island. It's so rad! Cute little diners, some open park space, it's absolutely lovely!

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