Sunday, March 4, 2007


So this week is shaping up to be a doozy. (I never use that word, doozy.) Professors always seem to all cram in the same stuff at the same time. Which makes sense, when you think most classes have 2-5 exams to fit into 15 weeks while avoiding things like Spring Break. Unfortunately, this practical fact of the time-space continuum results in a week fuller than the rest now and again. Plus, in my lab we're running subject this week. Yes, running subjects in a psychology lab. No electric shocks, no confederates, and no fake electric shocks. We're just watching people put tennis balls into boxes, with the hope that it will yield some interesting data. We shall see!

So, you may be wondering about those zippered pouches I discussed yesterday... I began painting the ladies on today and, while I have no pictures to show, I'll give a few clues about what they'll look like:
1. One will have some pink hair.
2. One is vampy, like she just came from an award show that gives little gold men to people.
3. Two are for my dear friend, which won't be for sale but will be posted.

Stay tuned for the finished pouches, hopefully coming in the next week!

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