Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Break (Woot.)

While some may say that Pennsylvania and Delaware aren't the most exciting Spring Break destinations, those people obviously don't include in their vacation plans knitting, sewing, and drinking coffee while watching trashy TV. I haven't just been loafing, however.

Above, you can see the wondrous new pouches cooling on the ironing board. I think that gal with the shock of pink is my favorite. Reminds me of how my hair used to be, once upon a time. The nurse one at the bottom is for a dear friend who is (surprise!) studying to be a nurse. I think she'll like it. Look for them coming soon to my Etsy shop near you! Hopefully they'll be finished by Thursday as I won't be dragging my machine to Delaware (like we need one more thing to move!)

In my knitting news, I switched needles for that shrug and the bamboo needles are working much better than the other ones I was using. Much less slipping and stitch dropping. I've been thinking about taking a bath all day (in an attempt to relieve a stubborn headache) and then I thought, "Hmm, I wonder if I could knit in the bath?" This only lead to visions of a big, soggy yarn mess. Then I thought, "Why not a sauna? Then the yarn and needles won't fall into a giant puddle of water!" This lead to the realization that, under the right conditions, my project could felt as I knit (and not nice and evenly, either). I think I should just do one leisure activity at a time. Besides, I always take a bath thinking, "This will be so nice; I'll probably spend an hour or so just soaking!" Then, after 10-15 minutes I realize I'm bored, books are hard to read without getting them wet and I'm ready to actually do something.

I like the idea of baths much more than the bath itself, like so many things in life.

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