Monday, July 30, 2007

Possibly The Cutest Thing I've Ever Knit

So, my latest FO also happens to be my smallest ever. These little booties are for a cousin who is due at the end of August. I actually learned cabling for these little guys!

The mother-to-be isn't especially savvy when it come to hand knits... and with babies it's so important for everything to be washable, so I knit these in CHICCO Merino Superfine in color 32. It's so soft and nice to knit with, if just a bit prone to splitting. However, the best part is this yarn is machine washable! I thought that was really important.

The pattern is really easy, too. You can find it here:

Not only is the pattern free, but I think these little booties are just perfect for little boys or girls. The pattern suggests ribbon, but I thought i-cord seemed somehow more masculine, plus I really love the look of it. They knit up really fast and the purled ridges, cables, and eyelets add enough interest to keep even the most impatient knitters knitting. However, I warn you: if you're going to KIP with these, be prepared for lots of questions and puzzled looks because, unlike socks, they don't really look like booties until the very end when you seam them up (don't be afraid, it's just a couple of inches, honest!)

On the other hand, if I had a dollar for every time some one asked me, while knitting a nearly finished sock, "What is that?" or "Are you making a scarf?" or "Ooo... is that sweater going to be done for Winter?" Well, let's just say my stash would be stuffed to the gills with the most fabulous yarns the world has ever seen.

A few more pictures:

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